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Dear Mrs Brown
19 The Courtyard

We are pleased to announce the introduction of the Direct Debit facility here at Smith's Dairies LTD.

Being able to provide this facility that is 100% secure would allow you the convenience of no longer having to worry about making payments. This would also save you the hassle of having to send bank transfers or writing cheques each month. Additionally your milk manís deliveries would be made much easier as the risk of carrying large quantities of money would be significantly reduced.

If you wish to sign up for Direct Debits, you would be invoiced by email at the end of every month, with the balance of your account being debited 4 days later.

In order for us to be able to provide this service, there would be a small charge of 5 pence per week, which would be added to your invoice. This amount however seems particularly small when considering that it will work out much cheaper than the price of a first (or second) class stamp.

To setup your Direct Debits simply click the link and follow the on screen instructions.

GoCardless is a direct debit payment method that provides you with simplicity of operation together with the security of the Direct Debit Guarantee.

The One-Off Payment button provides a simple one-off payment method.

The Setup Direct Debit Payment Plan button allows you to setup a direct debit payment mandate to pay us monthly.

Each month you will receive an emailed invoice from your dairy, an email from GoCardless telling you when the payment will leave your bank, and the transaction will show on your bank statement. Payments of less than £1.00 will not be taken.

You are under no obligation to select any of these plans.

A Direct Debit Mandate can be cancelled at any time!

Milk Bill upto 19/4/2015 - Amount Owing £193.76
Payment Plans
One-off Payment Setup Monthly Direct Debit Mandate
and authorise the first payment.
(There is a 5p/week admin charge.)
Taking full amount in first payment.
( Then a variable amount )
Payoff arrears over 6 months (approx)
Max Payment £42.00 per month.
( Then a variable amount. )

Here at Smith's Dairies LTD we are constantly striving to improve the service that we provide for you. We would like to thank you for your continued support, and hope that you would consider aiding us in trying this new facility.

Yours Sincerely

Lee Smith

Managing Director

Smith's Dairies LTD